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Worry-Free Voice (VoIP)

Hosted VoIP

Vocalocity is now Vonage Business Solutions™

Affordable Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone systems for small business with no long-term contracts. 

Promotion Offer – Get free or discounted phone and month of free service for new accounts. * 

No upfront hardware cost. Now your business can have all the benefits of a full-featured phone system like the ones Fortune 500 companies use – at an incredibly affordable price. Call now for a Quote.

Hurry, offer ends September 30, 2014.  Click Read more for details and restrictions.

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Worry-Free Email Security and Encryption

Email Security – Reflexion Total Control (RTC)

Blocks spam, viruses and directory harvesting and denial of service (DoS) attacks plus much more.

Email Archiving – Reflexion Archiving, Discovery and Recovery (RADAR)

Save every email received and sent from every mailbox for as long as you need them.

Email Encryption

Protect Your Customers and Yourself by Encrypting Sensitive Email with RTC Encrypt. Now you can easily ensure privacy and meet regulatory compliance requirements with cost effective email encryption.

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Worry-Free Data Backup

Rock solid backups that can be restored in minutes, not days or weeks.

If you lose your computers and the data on your computers you will probably go out of business. It is essential that you plan for the day you lose it all. It may never happen (hopefully it won’t) but if it does, you need to be ready.

The best solution is to backup that data to a local appliance then backup the local appliance to a secure off-site data center. The data should be encrypted on the appliance, during upload and while at the data center and you should hold the encryption key.

We are a Partner of Datto Backups. They have a comprehensive array of products for backup and disaster recovery for small and large businesses.

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